Good ol’ chia porridge

This is a classic on the vegan breakfast table. But what can I say, I enjoy my chia porridge… Heeps !

Bread, revisited

Bread. My vice in the food world. Growing up in the Netherlands, it is practically the number one food. Bread at breakfast, bread at lunch, bread as a snack. Bread it is. When I embarked into the Raw Food Lifestyle, I easily adopted to eating only veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. But whenever I had…

Turmeric latte, my favorite night cap

Yes I have nostalgic feelings too when I think of the warm milk with anis my mom served me when I was a child. Nowadays I am a big fan of another tummy warmer before going to sleep. Even a hot summer day can’t keep me away from my favorite night cap; the Turmeric latte,…

Smooth your greens

Smooth your greens and mix as you please. You will discover on this blog that my recipes invite you to use your own intuition and senses to arrive to your¬†flavour. For me preparing food is playing with ingredients to reach the optimal and sometimes ‘ultimate’ flavour. Green Smoothy ingredients: cucumber avocado spinach line seed-oil curcuma…

Party of 3

This is what happens when I feel like having a small party in the form of a snack. Bring out the colors ! Who is afraid of red, yellow and green?