Although I enjoy moments of silence and solitude, I also relate to idea of ‘the more the merrier’ and that is what I wish to bring with the events below. Merry events, for inspiration, bringing together flavour, introspective and holistic moments.


Activities 2019


the Netherlands

The events in the Netherlands are all in Dutch and English language 


Ibiza, Spain

  • 28 Sept – 5 Oct: Cooking for Women’s Yoga Retreat Ibiza
  • 24 – 27 October || Retreat: Juicy & Zest Fall
  • 28 Oct – 2 Nov. || Silence Retreat Ibiza (Co-creation)

Canarian Islands, Spain

  • 2 – 9 November || Retreat: Juicy & Zest Winter – details follow


  • 22 – 30 November || Travel: Into the Essence

The main language during the retreats is English. And Spanish, Dutch and German will also be spoken, depending on the participants. 


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