Healty Living, Wild Beauty

5 days of inspiration into a Healthy Lifestyle and Inner Harmony

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This is an invitation to unwind, to recharge and to be inspired on Ibiza. Some people are living in hectic environments and lack the time to  take good care of oneself. During these days we will take care of body and soul. And connect with the energy of Ibiza.  You may call it a retreat, I call it five days of delicious living. Because life is too short to live it otherwise. 

The Elements

Body movement
Movement wakes up the juices in our body and spirit.

Healthy Lifestyle & Food
Since healthy food is part of my passion and vocation I would like to share this experience with you.

Inner Harmony Hours
The Inner Harmony hours are part [silent] meditation and part active inner work.

Private sessions & Free Time
The programme allows for some free time, because the Ibiza holiday experience is also important. During these breaks you can also take the opportunity to book separately a private session with one of Ibiza’s professionals.

Options: massage, waterflow / watsu, Akashi record reading, breathing & voice session, human design reading, astrology chart, Transformational movement. Also you may have a certain idea of what you would like to experience. Just let me know and I might be able to arrange it.


And Also …. Group Sessions by Ibiza women
The group sessions are on the agenda to offer a look at life from another perspective.


Send a message to receive the complete information pack.