Good ol’ chia porridge

I know the internet is full with it. The chia porridge. Still it remains one of  my favourite breakfast or snack options. I remember when I discovered this seed a few years back, enthusiasm galore. . . .  My friends from Mexico looking at me as if I came out of under a rock. Since in Mexico chia has been a regular in the family households since last century.

When soaked in water it becomes bloppy, tasteless substance, which actually does not sound so sexy. But anything that undergoes any form of transformation under my very eyes, graps my attention. I guess that is why I love the process of preparing food. I make sure my smoothy bowl always had a few spoons it.

A breakfast which contains chia surely keeps me craving free until midday. This is exactly what I needed, when I jwas on my raw food lifestyle. Chia is a super food that is nutrient dense. It gives an energy boost and will keep your blood sugar level. To read more about this super food check elsewhere on this blog for the whole story.  Chia porridge is for me a top 3 breakfast choice. So not to share a recipe on this winner, would be a shame.

Here we go!

Red Fruit Chia Porridge

Serves two big bowls


  • 4 tbsp chia*

  • 500 ml vegan milk, like oat milk, almond milk, nut milk [packed or Raw, freshly made]

  • 200 gr various red fruits frozen or fresh

  • 1 tbsp sweetener like date syrup – on taste or use a banana or fresh date to sweeten the mix.

  • 1 drop mint essential oil – or more drops depending on the concentration of the oil

  • 2 tbsp grated coconut

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1tbsp of coconut oil

– Now get started on the porridge.

– Keep some fruits aside to top of your creation before serving

– Put the milk and the chia in a large bowl, just stir with a spoon. Do not use any electronic device to mix the chia and milk. The process of mixing will reduce the nutrional value of the chia. Allow the chia to do it’s magic while soaking in the milk. In about 10 – 15 minutes the mix will be porridge, yay!

– Meanwhile, blend the red fruits, sweetener, mint oil, coconut oil and part of the grated coconut together.

– Take two deep plates or bowls and pour the porridge in. Then lightly mix the red fruit sirup through, creating a painting effect. Top of with fresh fruit, a bit of cinnamon and the other part of the coconut.


* As I am a lover of a thick chia porridge and see this breakfast as a means to fuel my morning, I make sure the porridge is quite thick. So my advice is that you find out what concentration of chia you would like in your porridge. In case chia is a repeating ingredient during the week, I suggest you make a big batch. Just soak 300 grams in water, till the water-chia mix thickens to your liking. Add more water in case you wish to dilute the mix, in this way you also create a larger batch.


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