Turmeric latte, my favorite night cap

Yes I have nostalgic feelings too when I think of the warm milk with anis my mom served me when I was a child. Nowadays I am a big fan of another tummy warmer before going to sleep. Even a hot summer day can’t keep me away from my favorite night cap; the Turmeric latte, sweetenend with banana. Or a date. It is an easy recipe. Enjoyable and allowing the health benefits of curcuma travel with you through the night.

Turmeric latte for two

|   about 500ml vegetable milk like almond or coconut milk
|   1 ripe banana
|   1 tsp curcuma
|   a pinch of black pepper
|   1 tbsp coco oil
|   a dash of cinnamon
|   1 tsp cardamom powder or seeds of 3 cardamom pods
|   Optional 1/2 tsp anis powder or tablet

Mix the ingredients in a blender. Pour the mix in a pan and warm the milk. Enjoy!



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