Embrace Your Life Lovingly

Wandering around Atzaro, followed by Sascha, who’s eye for detail and unending enthusiasm caught us… and created this portret of me and my good friend Stephen.


Stephen and I have met about 6 years ago in Utrecht, where we were attending a course of reading and healing on what we call the Energy School’. When school was out and the course had ended, we continued to be in  touch. I moved to Ibiza and Stephen roamed around Amsterdam and travelled around the world. At one point our roads crossed again and we decided to put our energy work into practice together, in a way that feels comfortable for the both of us. Following our intuition and interest. This is how the [em]Power Circles came to life. Group sessions, with various themes… With the aim to broaden the pathway to self discovery and free onself from all that is limiting to fully embrace life and go for it!

As Stephen would say: “Embrace your life, Lovingly.”

The [em]Power sessions are offered on Ibiza and in the Netherlands.


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