Uncovering the pit

It has been a discovery to realize that I have a tiny an urge to share my experiences. Not just for the shere fun of it, but share what I learn and to share how to grow… in order to change for the better. In this blog of Cocoroco, I wish to share all that touches me under the skin, under the bare meat… to start from the core, the source of the story. Uncovering the pit. I start here.

Passion for plant based cuisine Between 2013 and 2015 I have been working with Raw Food Expert and Raw Chocolate Maestro, Reinhold. Gaining knowledge about Raw Food preparation and Vegan Lifestyle, while organising Raw Food Workshops, Private Dinners and Raw Chocolate Events as part of Raw House Ibiza and Takeaway the Loop. Since October 2015 I organise and host my own workshops and events, offer private catering and have a Raw / Vegan breakfast service, under the flag of Cocoroco.

Growing is in our nature (maybe even our first nature); by being open for change to happen we can accelerate our human growing process. Every time we meet together in circle, it offers an opportunity to share, learn and grow. For Health and Harmony…

Gatherings and Retreats When people come together with a common wish to to learn, to share, to learn….We can make change happen. On a small scale in our lives and the lives of the people around us. And I also believe we can encourage change to happen on a larger scale…without being to serious or dramatic about it… 😉 I organise gatherings and retreats for women and also (in co-creation) for men. All with there specific theme, but with a common red thread. We come together because we are ready to learn, to share and to grow… for health and harmony.

Individual sessions An individual session gives you insight about what is going on Inside of you. Through an energy reading combined with healing we open the space for a pure (non-verbal) communication. During a session we can look at a specific theme in your life, like relationship, work, sexuality, etc… Every theme can be touched. Contact me for more information. 

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