Welcome to this space . . . called Cocoroco.

Cocoroco is about food, which I offer in the form of
plant based cuisine. My passion is to travel with body and soul. So I invite you the retreats & workshops for personal growth and inspiration. Cocoroco productions and co-creation. Because the food for the soul is just as important as the food for the body.


red-cabbage raw food
Plant Based Cuisine

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Plant based cuisine prepared to touch the taste pallets and offer inspiration for a different way of food preparation and consumption. Sugar free, gluten free, as much organic and local as possible. Because of my love for Raw Food, this form of nourishment will always be part of any menu. Healthy food to nurture body and soul.

During Cocoroco’s retreat and workshops I invite people to share, to learn and to grow. Life is all about change. It all starts from within, from the essence . . . Simple.

R E T R E A T S  & W  O R K S H O P S

During the Cocoroco events all comes together. The retreats and workshops are in co-creation with inspiring friends and masters in their field of expertise. All the events are made to stir the inner waters. For participants I wish to bring all the essential ingredients together; the point where food for the body meets food for the soul meets the human essence.



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